Backyard Chickens


My backyard chickens got more straw over the weekend. This should keep their coop dry and warm during the cold, wet winter months. This will be their third winter with us and I want to keep them as comfortable as possible.


 We have nine chickens and they are from different breeds.  One of the breeds are Bantan Cochin; these are said to be  one of the “most calm breeds” there are.  I also have a couple of Golden Sex Links, a few of the Sussex Chicken and one Naked Neck.


From all the breeds I have had, I think the Naked Necks are the best. They are also known as Transylvanian Naked Necks or Turken chickens and are originally from Romania.  This breed is very popular in France and Germany.  I read that during WWII this breed of chicken was fed to the soldiers in Europe and the breed almost got wiped out.








All of my chickens lay between four to six eggs every other day during the summer months. They don’t produce as much during the winter.

Some of the eggs are small and some are extra large. The Naked Neck lays the largest eggs I have ever seen. The eggs my chickens lay have an incomparable taste. I bought some cage-free, organic eggs from the store the other day and my eggs are definitely superior.


I plan to get some more naked necks during the spring; but for now, I only own one and it is definitely my favorite. This breed is known to have an easygoing, calm, friendly personality. They are also very smart and they are excellent egg layers.







My chickens enjoy a variety of foods.  I       get them scratch, corn and crumbled feed. The Chickens also love kitchen scraps such as left over pasta, rice, bread and just about everything else except chicken, of course.


I also get them something called “stone grit,” which are small pebbles that help the chickens digest their food better and of course they also have plenty of fresh clean water.








I buy most of the stuff I need for the chickens at the Aloha Feed Garden and Pet Store located in Aloha. There are a lot of other stores that sell chicken supplies but I like this store since its conveniently located and their prices are reasonable.  I have been a regular customer  and I always get the same great service.



Chickens are so much fun to have! They seem so peaceful and content and always seem happy to get treats I get for them.



I found this at the chicken store and gave them some this morning.  The chickens ate it up right away. I will buy it from time to time but at $6.00 dollars a bag I think its a little pricey for me and I’m still not sure what it is they are eating.


My son also enjoys having backyard chickens.  He enjoys holding them and the chickens seem to be okay with that.

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