Juliann Casablancas at The Crystal Ballroom

My daughters and I went to see Casablancas on Veteran’s Day. The concert took place at the Crystal Ballroom in Downtown Portland. It was our first time at the Crystal Ballroom.



I got my ticket two days before the concert. The concert was going to start at 8pm and they wanted me to come along with them since they were going to need someone to drive them to and from the concert.DSCN4884

When we got there we were sent to the third floor and it was starting to get crowded. Most of the people there were teenagers and in their early twenties. There were no seats so everyone was standing up and there were a couple of benches against the walls.


This young man played the guitar for the first forty-five minutes. I told my daughters that Juliann played the guitar really well and then they told me that Casablancas had not started his performance yet.


This is Juliann. He came on the stage at around 9 pm. Everybody was so excited to see him. All the kids were shouting, clapping, whistling and stomping their feet on the wooden floor. Everything in that building was shaking. It felt unsafe.DSCN4911

They played many songs and the people who were standing around were dancing and singing along with them.



This is a picture of the crowd at the concert.DSCN4938

This is Juliann’s guitarist.


This is the moment when Juliann came out on the stage and everybody was

going crazy.


The concert ended at 10pm. We had a great evening out.


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